Arabic Intensives- Toronto Shariah Program

Arabic Intensives- Toronto Shariah Program

    Canada: Toronto

    The Toronto Shariah Program offers a comprehensive course of instruction in classical Arabic and the Shariah sciences aimed at English speakers, taught by western-born traditionally trained scholars.

    I don't know of anything comparable being offered elsewhere in Canada or the US in English. I spent 9 months in Damascus studying Arabic and this course is better organized and more thorough. [submitted by a student]

    Although anybody is welcome to join, the intensive nature and timeframe are particularly aimed at university and high-school graduates who have not yet committed themselves to full-time work, and wish to take this opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the Arabic language via a methodology used by scholars for centuries.

    The majority of the time will be spent on Tajweed, Nahw and Sarf, with a small (20%) component comprising of Aqidah and Seerah studies. The teaching methodology emphasizes class participation and oral recitation of what is learnt in order to truly master the matter and ensure that nobody falls behind.

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