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    • Arusha Project Inc.

    • HIV/AIDS and Gender Equality Volunterism

      The Arusha Project is a bi-national non-profit organization that partners with current university students and recent graduates with community-based organizations and non-profit organizations in Tanzania, East Africa. Our mission is to educate young people on the issues of gender equality and sexual health with emphasis on the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

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    • Cross-Continental Solutions Inc.

    • Intern Abroad or Volunteer Abroad

      We offer affordable volunteer abroad, intern abroad, culture/language immersion programs in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The programs are customized for you according to your needs (with flexible work schedule and start date). Affordable program fees start from only USD 180 (including accommodation, meals, orientation, and 24/7 hotline for on-site support). Our programs are designed to help local communities while at the same time providing valuable on-the-job learning and cultural experience More...

    • Robbooker Voluntary Organization (RVO-Ghana)


      HIV / AIDS project In Africa, Hiv Aids and Malaria are the leading killer, killing most people as well as rendering most people orphans. It is in this regard that R.V.O.has establish link with local organization in Ghana, which are actively involved in the HIV AIDS Education and involve with community outreach programs such as educational programs etc. This R.V.O.project aims to prevent the transmission of HIV AIDS and to offer support to those affected by the disease. Volunteers in this project More...

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    • Trashy Bags

    • Trashy Bags

      Volunteers and interns interested in fair trade business, urban employment, architecture and the environment are needed to work on a variety of projects including fair trade certification, launching of a youth job training initiative, environmental education, and low-income housing project.

    • Eco Africa Experience

    • Eco Africa Experience

      Work with wild animals behind the scenes of various game reserves.

    • i-to-i Volunteer and Adventure Travel

    • The Ultimate Lion Experience, South Africa

      Trip Highlights: * Swim with lions at the center - have a swimming race! * Make friends with the giraffes leaning over your shoulder at breakfast, demanding a share of your food * Interact with the charming cheetahs at the centre!

    • Beacon of Hope Uganda


      Beacon of Hope Uganda is now accepting applications for our 2015 Volunteer Work Camps, gap-year, internship and cross-culture exchange in Uganda and is offering exciting discounts for people interested in participating in meaningful, low cost programs around Uganda. You can participate in the programs from as low as USD$56 per week and this is 45% off from regular program fee. Their Volunteer Program is an immersion program customized for individual travelers, students, professionals, families, More...

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    • International Service Learning Alliance (isla)

    • International Service Learning Alliance (isla)

      ISLA provides an opportunity to work directly in support of a professional development team. Interns gain academic, professional and cultural experience through direct, hands-on work. You will learn and work with a Community Driven Development model. You will support the delivery of trainings, education, and skills in support of our local partner organizations. It is through consulting and working directly with local communities that ensures your work is sustainable and relevant.



      P.Y.V.O provides the avenue for interested health professionals all over the world to exhibit their skill to help solve the issues related to health degradation in Ghana. P.Y.V.O provides placements for interested participants, especially in the rural areas where health conditions are very poor. On the other hand, P.Y.V.O organizes placements for interested health practitioners to work in childcare and maternity hospitals in Ghana. Interested participants will work in collaboration with other More...

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    • ThinkImpact

    • South Africa Institute for Social Innovation

      -3 Phases of the Curriculum include Immersion, Inspiration and Innovation. -Live in a Homestay and learn what it is like to live at the Base of the Pyramid. -Conduct intensive qualitative research to uncover local culture and assets. -Partner with community members to brainstorm new solutions to existing challenges. -Learn the local language and practice with your homestay. -Experience South Africa's wonder and beauty on excursions. -Prototype new products and services that solve identified challenges More...

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    • Actuality Media

    • Documentary Study Abroad - Production Outreach

      1. Go on an adventure like no other that will change the world. 2. Meet fantastic people - locals you will remember forever, and filmmakers you may work with again. 3. Explore the world and see fantastic sights. 4. Create a short documentary that can bring about change in the world. 5. Learn the Actuality Media way of creating a compelling documentary story that can be used countless times in your future. 6. Take part in a group excursion that will find you all together on a unique, local activity More...

    • Mzungu Volunteers

    • Affordable Volunteer, Gapyear & Career Break Programs in Rural Africa

      Our volunteer projects in Uganda are based in Kampala, Jinja and Kabale. Our projects are children and community orientated and enable volunteers to work with rural villages in building and renovating schools, promoting basic primary education, sports and caring for children in our orphanage.

    • AGORO Culture and Development Initiative

    • AGORO Culture and Development Initiative

      An exciting opportunity to participate in community development by teaming up with local people to create feature films, musicals or documentaries out of their own folklore stories. Get to participate as an actor, director, editor, camerawoman etc. Live together in AGORO Fie with caring Ghanaian hosts.

    • Philacculture Cameroon

    • Philacculture Cameroon: Experiential

      To give an insight of Cameroon's rich cultural heritage to participants and to expose them to some ecotourism.

    • Boston City Campus and Business College

    • Boston City Campus and Business College

      With over 80 dynamic career choices Boston City Campus & Business College will definitely give you the Right Start to a successful career: We are guaranteed to give you the guidance you need to obtain your qualification. A Boston qualification will give you the recognition you want and place you ahead of the pack. Information Technology Management Marketing and Sales Hospitality and Leisure Service Industry Accounting Legal Secretarial & Office Administration HIV/AIDS Counselling Management

    • Child Family Health International

    • Health Care Challenges in South Africa, Cape Town

      CFHI offers health sciences students 4-12 week long clinical rotations focusing on the cultural context of medicine. CFHI participants gain increased cultural competency, professionalism, and a deeper perspective on global health. CFHI has 20+ sites throughout Bolivia, Ecuador, India, Mexico, and South Africa.

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    • Sam Hospitality Academy

    • Hotel Front Office Course

      Our programme aims at training and developing the young hospitality professionals of tomorrow with the knowledge and skills required of personnel employed at entry level in the diverse global hospitality industry. Our cutting edge hospitality instruction emphasises the individuality of our students while developing the integrity, mind-set as well as aptitude so necessary in the demanding industry of tourism and hospitality. At SHAC, a student is not just a number but receives personal attention.

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    • Good Hope Studies

    • Volunteer in Cape Town, South Africa

      You will learn about team building, gain cross cultural skills and develop project management skills. The volunteer placements include community organisations, farm stays, conservation sites, and animal sanctuaries.

    • Focus In Africa

    • Medical Internship In Tanzania

      If you are looking for valuable hands-on medical experience, a medical internship is great opportunity. Our Internship program presents benefits beyond just professional development; it offers the opportunity to be completely immersed in the local culture and work environment. By learning directly from local experts within your field, our internships allow an in-depth understanding of issues affecting your chosen profession in Tanzania. You will spend the majority of your time as an assistant to More...

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    • The African Cultural Exchange

    • Africa Medical Enrichment Program

      Participate in a medical or surgical rotation in The Gambia, Sierra Leone, Liberia, The Sudan, or Kenya.

    • Volunteering Solutions

    • Volunteering in Morocco Opportunities

      Join Volunteering Opportunities in Morocco with Volunteering Solutions to help the local communities. Volunteer can work in orphans, childcare programs, women empowerment, teaching English or French, Human Rights as well as join Midwifery Internship & Journalism Internship to get an International Experience.

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    • Campus California TG

    • Campus California TG

      Volunteer in Africa A life changing experience that can make difference

    • WorldTeach

    • WorldTeach: Summer Volunteer Teaching Positions in South Africa

      WorldTeach is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded by a group of Harvard students in 1986 in response to the need for educational assistance in developing countries. It also addressed a growing interest among people in the U.S. and elsewhere to serve, teach and learn as volunteers overseas. Since its inception, WorldTeach has placed thousands of volunteer educators in communities throughout Asia, Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Pacific.

    • Haneta'alem Sah Initiative

    • Haneta'alem Sah Tahrir Internship

      The internship is designed to be intensive and engaging for the interns participating, with a workload of approximately 35 hours per week. As a result of the location of the internship it will allow the interns to experience the changes taking place in the Arab world. Interns will also witness Ramdan, a month of charity, from 20 July to 20 August, approximately.

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