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    • Arusha Project Inc.

    • HIV/AIDS and Gender Equality Volunterism

      The Arusha Project is a bi-national non-profit organization that partners with current university students and recent graduates with community-based organizations and non-profit organizations in Tanzania, East Africa. Our mission is to educate young people on the issues of gender equality and sexual health with emphasis on the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

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    • Foundation for Sustainable Development

    • Intern/Volunteer with International Grassroots Organization: Experiential

      Join the Foundation for Sustainable Development in working with local communities to support economic, social, and political transformations around the globe. Since 1995, FSD has relied on volunteers and interns to support grassroots organizations in addressing the challenges faced in the following areas: Micro-Enterprise/Microfinance Human Rights Environment Health Youth & Education Women's Empowerment Community Development
    • Allinterns

    • Marketing/ Design/ Tourism

      Internship programme: Marketing position Location: Cape Town, South Africa Number of internships offered: 1 Start of programme: negotiable Length of programme: 3-6 Months Short description of programme: This company is a leader in South African business-to-business communication. The Conferencing and Events Division organises and hosts a range of events held on topics of relevance to clients, advertisers, supporters, partners, sponsors and South Africa's local and international investors.
    • Alexis Wildlife Academy

    • Safari Field Guide

      You will study on site in a Big 5 game reserve and obtain a FGASA 1 qualification that allows you to be a Field Guide. Working with Africa's Big 5 and and many other wildlife. You will also do work in the bush on foot and in open game viewers. You will have to attend lectures etc. Mondays to Friday and have week ends for your own time to discover South Africa
    • Moroccan Center for Arabic Studies

    • Study Abroad Arabic and Culture in Morocco

      The Moroccan Center for Arabic Studies engages in education year round. With four terms relative to the Seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter, each length of study can last up to three months and curriculum includes Modern Standard Arabic, Colloquial Moroccan Arabic as well as calligraphy.
    • if i could...

    • if i could...

      Our interns are placed solely within the development sector, so you can begin to build your career in the non-profit and international sectors. Highlighted internships include: Youth development, Community empowerment, Public health, Education, HIV/AIDS, Refugee/Asylum-seeking, Arts & Education, Government, Economic development, Newborn/maternal health ...and much more!
    • Boston City Campus and Business College

    • Boston City Campus and Business College

      With over 80 dynamic career choices Boston City Campus & Business College will definitely give you the Right Start to a successful career: We are guaranteed to give you the guidance you need to obtain your qualification. A Boston qualification will give you the recognition you want and place you ahead of the pack. Information Technology Management Marketing and Sales Hospitality and Leisure Service Industry Accounting Legal Secretarial & Office Administration HIV/AIDS Counselling Management
    • Birth Institute

    • Nutrition for Maternal and Newborn Health in South Africa

      Examine health and nutrition as a means to promote well being and help reduce morbidity derived from chronic illnesses that are linked to nutritional inadequacies during pregnancy and postpartum. Survey complimentary and alternative approaches that practitioners use to identify nutritional deficiencies and overcome those deficiencies through a proper diet in accordance to the resources, means, special diets, personal preferences and cultural preferences of the client. Engage in personal reflection More...
    • Azafady

    • Azafady

      Azafady, an award-winning registered UK charity in the (No. 1079121) and a Malagasy NGO, has been working on sustainable development, humanitarian and environmental projects in southeast Madagascar since 1994. To give students the opportunity to gain experience of projects on-the-ground Azafady runs two internship programs in Madagascar.
    • Medics To Africa

    • Elective Programs,Dentistry Programs and Medical Mission Trips

      Medical students will have the opportunity to rotate in different specialities such as Internal medicine,Emergencies,paediatrics,Surgery etc.They will be also going for dailly ward rounds from 8:00am with consultants.Students attending this program will need to bring with them their dean's letter allowing them to do the program. On arrival you will be met at the airport by one of our representatives and depending on time and airport of arrival,they will proceed directly to the hotel where they will More...

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    • Ethical Encounters

    • Volunteer with Massai, Teaching in a School and Build in Tanzania

      As you settle in to community life you can also adapt your experience as the days pass, from spending time with the family to trying teaching for the first time, milking the family goat to joining in with Masai celebrations! And even if you have nothing planned, each day the children will never be far aware trying to catch their house guest's attention!

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    • Coastal Intercultural Exchange

    • Coastal Intercultural Exchange

      Coastal Intercultural Exchange (CIE) is a non-profit, exchange organization based in Ghana. The aim of CIE has been to promote education, Voluntary Service, cultural and social travel among individuals of all ages to share experiences, languages and customs with those from different traditions.
    • Wells College

    • Dakar Program/Wells College

      The mission of the Wells College Dakar Program is to introduce students to the history, culture, and language of West and Francophone Africa through courses and life with host families, in order to improve their proficiency in French while obtaining some knowledge of Wolof. By utilizing the resources and courses offered by our partners including the Université Cheikh Anta Diop (UCAD), and the West African Research Center (WARC), Wells is able to offer a comprehensive list of courses in an integrated More...
    • Academy of English in Cape Town

    • Academy of English in Cape Town

      Intensive language courses designed to meet the needs of students who will stay in South Africa for between two and six weeks
    • Campus California TG

    • Campus California TG

      Volunteer in Africa A life changing experience that can make difference


      P.Y.V.O provides the avenue for interested health professionals all over the world to exhibit their skill to help solve the issues related to health degradation in Ghana. P.Y.V.O provides placements for interested participants, especially in the rural areas where health conditions are very poor. On the other hand, P.Y.V.O organizes placements for interested health practitioners to work in childcare and maternity hospitals in Ghana. Interested participants will work in collaboration with other More...

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    • Travellers Worldwide

    • SOUTH AFRICA: Veterinary Internships in Cape Town with TRAVELLERS WORLDWIDE

      The practice where you'll work deals mainly with domestic animals, but you may also get an occasional opportunity to help out at the Blue Cross Animal Hospital, which is much bigger. The Blue Cross is a charity-based organisation that deals with a wide range of veterinary procedures and if you spend time here, you should get exposure to larger animals such as cattle and horses. Depending on your experience and confidence, you may be able to participate in basic and simple procedures under supervision More...

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    • i-to-i Volunteer and Adventure Travel

    • The Ultimate Lion Experience, South Africa

      Trip Highlights: * Swim with lions at the center - have a swimming race! * Make friends with the giraffes leaning over your shoulder at breakfast, demanding a share of your food * Interact with the charming cheetahs at the centre!
    • Salvonaris Africa

    • Internship Abroad Onaris Ona Program

      We offer a variety of placements ranging from Education, Medical, Social work, Research, Marine Archeology, Environmental Conservation to Marketing/business.
    • Paramedic Missions

    • Medical and Nursing Programs in Africa

      1. Earn international medical experience helping doctors and consultants in Kenya. 2. Learn from doctors and other medical professionals and get the chance to assist in various procedures, including laceration stitching and abscess drainage. 3. Acquire practical experience in various aspects of healthcare.

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    • GESI - Northwestern University

    • Global Engagement Studies Institute - GESI

      GESI is a unique credit-bearing internship and study abroad program that combines experiential learning, cultural immersion, rigorous academics, and international work experience at dynamic, community-based NGOs. Students choose from one of 5 sites in Bolivia, India, Nicaragua, South Africa, or Uganda. Each site offers incredible opportunities for students interested in community development, public health, preserving the environment, social entrepreneurship, education, and more.
    • Alliance for African Women Initiative (AFAWI)

    • Livelihood Project

      - Provide encouragement and advice to local women as they start and run their own businesses - Experience the benefits and difficulties involved in applying economic theory to a very different cultural setting - Create and use cost analysis and financial planning spreadsheets - Assess and improve small scale business plans - Work with local people and an international team - Improve the lives of vulnerable women and their families

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    • Volunteering Solutions

    • Volunteering in Morocco Opportunities

      Join Volunteering Opportunities in Morocco with Volunteering Solutions to help the local communities. Volunteer can work in orphans, childcare programs, women empowerment, teaching English or French, Human Rights as well as join Midwifery Internship & Journalism Internship to get an International Experience.

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