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    • International Programs

    • Internship in Cape Town at Good Hope Studies

      The General English Courses are ideal for students who use English for everyday purposes. You can expect to: Practice speaking by exchange ideas with people from other countries. Learn plenty of new words and expressions. Think about grammar, and practice speaking and writing more accurately. Practice and develop all your skills in English (reading, listening, speaking and writing). The morning lessons are based around a coursebook, and adapted to the class. Homework is given 3 to 4 times per week More...

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    • iXperience (Pty) Ltd

    • iXperience – Learn to code in an incredible city

      The best way to learn is by doing. We will have you coding, and coding and coding! Here's what you'll be learning: - HTML and CSS: - Javascript and JQuery: - Ruby on Rails - Terminal / Unix - Databases - Agile Development - Git - Source Control - Work experience (through the 4 week internship) - Project Management Why do we primarily teach Ruby on Rails? It's educational resources, community and current developer demand are that like no other language out there.

    • Ethical Encounters

    • Volunteer with Massai, Teaching in a School and Build in Tanzania

      As you settle in to community life you can also adapt your experience as the days pass, from spending time with the family to trying teaching for the first time, milking the family goat to joining in with Masai celebrations! And even if you have nothing planned, each day the children will never be far aware trying to catch their house guest's attention!

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    • Good Hope Studies

    • Volunteer in Cape Town, South Africa

      You will learn about team building, gain cross cultural skills and develop project management skills. The volunteer placements include community organisations, farm stays, conservation sites, and animal sanctuaries.

    • Arusha Project Inc.

    • HIV/AIDS and Gender Equality Volunterism

      The Arusha Project is a bi-national non-profit organization that partners with current university students and recent graduates with community-based organizations and non-profit organizations in Tanzania, East Africa. Our mission is to educate young people on the issues of gender equality and sexual health with emphasis on the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

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    • Alliance for African Women Initiative (AFAWI)

    • Monitoring and Evaluation Project

      - Communicate with a large number of local people and interact with a range of different local communities - Be involved in the research process from beginning to end, from primary research all the way through to the drawing of conclusions from data - Contribute to writing a meaningful report that will have a positive impact

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    • Nka Projects


      -IMMERSE in the local culture and lifestyle to help out in our building project, arts village project, or create your own project to assist the underserved community to create change. -EXPLORE life in rural Africa and rural schools, live and work among the local people, and gain new skills. -LEARN by discovering what resources the community already has and by mobilizing those resources to meet community needs.

    • Ycenter

    • 3 month Social Innovation Program in Africa

      1. Cultural immersion 2. International experience 3. Learn the basics of a foreign language 4. Gain and improve practical skills required to succeed 5. Participate in global impact community projects

    • ThinkImpact

    • South Africa Institute for Social Innovation

      -3 Phases of the Curriculum include Immersion, Inspiration and Innovation. -Live in a Homestay and learn what it is like to live at the Base of the Pyramid. -Conduct intensive qualitative research to uncover local culture and assets. -Partner with community members to brainstorm new solutions to existing challenges. -Learn the local language and practice with your homestay. -Experience South Africa's wonder and beauty on excursions. -Prototype new products and services that solve identified challenges More...

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      ORPHANAGE Many countries in Africa, like Ghana, face the problem of homeless and neglected children due to AIDS, of which only 5% get any kind of support. Due to this problem efforts are being made to help these young ones. This outcome has resulted in the construction of more orphanage homes. Unfortunately, there are children on the streets and corners of the cities and major towns in Ghana who are still homeless, with no place to stay, and no one to show them love and care. P.Y.V.O-Ghana has recognized More...

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    • Mzungu Volunteers

    • Affordable Volunteer, Gapyear & Career Break Programs in Rural Africa

      Our volunteer projects in Uganda are based in Kampala, Jinja and Kabale. Our projects are children and community orientated and enable volunteers to work with rural villages in building and renovating schools, promoting basic primary education, sports and caring for children in our orphanage.

    • International Service Learning Alliance (isla)

    • International Service Learning Alliance (isla)

      ISLA provides an opportunity to work directly in support of a professional development team. Interns gain academic, professional and cultural experience through direct, hands-on work. You will learn and work with a Community Driven Development model. You will support the delivery of trainings, education, and skills in support of our local partner organizations. It is through consulting and working directly with local communities that ensures your work is sustainable and relevant.

    • Campus California TG

    • Campus California TG

      Volunteer in Africa A life changing experience that can make difference

    • Trashy Bags

    • Trashy Bags

      Volunteers and interns interested in fair trade business, urban employment, architecture and the environment are needed to work on a variety of projects including fair trade certification, launching of a youth job training initiative, environmental education, and low-income housing project.

    • Allinterns

    • Marketing/ Design/ Tourism

      Internship programme: Marketing position Location: Cape Town, South Africa Number of internships offered: 1 Start of programme: negotiable Length of programme: 3-6 Months Short description of programme: This company is a leader in South African business-to-business communication. The Conferencing and Events Division organises and hosts a range of events held on topics of relevance to clients, advertisers, supporters, partners, sponsors and South Africa's local and international investors.

    • Saint Monica University

    • SMU International Program

      St. Monica's University (SMU) is known as the only American-style university in Cameroon. Its operates four schools - the School of Arts & Education (SAE); School of Business & Public Policy (SBPP); School of Health and Human Services (SHHS); and the School of Science, Engineering & Technology (SSET). You can enroll in any of these programs and we'll also organize trips to touristic site all over the country.

    • Guzang Village Library

    • Guzang Village Library

      This project seeks to revive the Guzang village library which has been closed for several years. The project seeks to repair the community hall where the Library sits, to repair and make new book shelves, to catalogue the existing stock of books, employ a full time library assistant, to develop programs for school children and open up to the public.

    • Medics To Africa

    • Pre Med programs,Nursing programs & Volunteer programs.

      Our medical program itinerary will take you to rural hospital at St.Joseph Mission hospital in Migori,which is located in western part of Kenya,then to the famous Maasai Mara National Game Reserve for 3days-2 nights & Bamburi Beach in Mombasa for 3days stay.

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    • Salvonaris Africa

    • Internship Abroad Onaris Ona Program

      We offer a variety of placements ranging from Education, Medical, Social work, Research, Marine Archeology, Environmental Conservation to Marketing/business.

    • Sam Hospitality Academy

    • CATHSSETA Approved Learneship Programmes

      These courses are suitable for room attendants, learners working in an in-house laundry, learners who are responsible for the cleaning and maintaining of public areas within the establishment, housekeeping staff, front office service staff, porters, concierge, reservationists, drink service assistants, waitrons, receptionists, bar attendants, ward hostesses, customer operative, hospitality receptionists responsible for dealing with bookings, checking guests in and out and dealing with accounts, etc More...

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    • 5S Plastic & Metal Mould LTD

    • Internship in China - English, Korean, Japanese,German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic - Sales/Mkt. Dept

      Why the opportunity is excellent to Interns: 1. You will be guided to our production line to find out how product is made. You will see our factories in person. 2. You will be trained ISO system and Quality control in the factory. This will be a positive to your resume if in the future you need to work with Chinese companies. 3. You will be trained for our products: LED Lighting, Plastic mold making and plastic injection etc. manufacturing processes. 4. You will be trained for International business More...

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