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    • Vive le français !

    • Intensive Summer French

      There is an average of 9 to 12 students per class and 7 levels of French. Instructors focus on providing students with a foundation of international French that will serve them wherever they go. Students undergo an evaluation, and are placed in the appropriate level. There are start dates on every Monday. Programs: Intensive French French for Teachers of French French & Cooking French & Dramatic Arts French & Photography French & Music

    • Mahasarakham University

    • PureThai Program

      PureThai programs are designed to introduce and immerse international students to standard Thai and Isan language as well as important traditions, history, culture and music that will assist students gain an understanding of modern Thailand and provide an insight into many of the traditional customs and beliefs. Some programs include local study tours to historic sites and/or a tour to a neighboring country (Laos or Cambodia). In the ThaiPal program, each exchange student is allocated a Thai student More...

    • KOBE TOYO Japanese College

    • Summer Language Camp in Kobe

      Summer Camp at KOBE TOYO has been held every year, and we improve the contents every time according to participants' voice. So it is time for you to join us!

    • Center Sidi Bou Said for Languages

    • Center Sidi Bou Said for Languages

      Arabic for Specific Purposes including Business, Economic, International Affairs,Media Arabic, Arabic for Diplomatic Purposes

    • Do Guatemala

    • Spanish Immersion Courses with Do Guatemala

      Our partner schools in Quetzaltenango and Antigua offer the full immersion course. This means a study program of private, 1 on 1 lessons during 20 hours (Antigua) or 25 hours (Quetzaltenango) per week. Schedules are in the morning between 8AM and 1PM, or in the afternoon between 2PM and 7PM. There is a 30-minute break included. The courses are scheduled per week, you can decide yourself how long you want to study. Study books and other resources will be provided by the school, you only need to bring More...

    • Moscow Aviation Institute (State Technical University)

    • Higher education (Aviation and Aerospace Engineering)

      - In MAI you can take undergraduate courses, take full course of higher education and finally, you can become a PhD in fields listed below: Higher education (department/degree): Admission Requirements for the Bakalavr Degree - the 1st level university qualification 010500 Applied Mathematics and Computer Science 031100 Linguistics 080100 Economics 080500 Management 140500 Power-plant Engineering 140600 Electrotechnics, Electrical Engineering and Electrotechnologies 150300 Applied Mechanics More...

    • Expanish Spanish School

    • Expanish

      Our Argentina Spanish school is a place where passion for education and travel merge, resulting in our strongest belief; living and learning a language in a foreign country is the doorway to true understanding and knowledge of the Spanish language.

    • Wake Forest University

    • Wake Forest Summer India Program: Culture and Communication

      India is a country of many contrasts, where centuries-old traditions and modern technology are at the heart of a very dynamic and hospitable culture that has dealt with globalization by sustaining the old while adopting the new.

    • Sustainable Bolivia Language School

    • Sustainable Bolivia Language School

      Sustainable Bolivia provides high-quality training for students of all levels and ages. Standard instruction is private, allowing for a tailor-made curriculum to meet the needs of each student. Teaching is balanced between the areas of writing, reading, and grammar; however we place special emphasis on developing conversation skills. In addition to learning Spanish from a textbook, we incorporate topics such as Bolivian history, religion, and current social/political issues into the curriculum. More...

    • UC San Diego

    • Global Seminar: Public Health in Amman

      Hands on experience and field work in health clinics in Amman.

    • University of Groningen

    • Diversity & Divergence: The Challenges of Multiculturalism in Canada

      Religious Freedom and Multicultural Society How does the emergence of new forms of religious intolerance and discrimination challenge Canada’s efforts to preserve a sustainable multicultural society? Media and Minorities How are ethnic and linguistic minorities represented in Canadian media and how do mainstream media contribute to advancing the cause of a Canada that is inclusive, sustainable and fair? Nunavut Culture and Identity How has the creation of Canada’s territory Nunavut, April More...

    • The Academy for International Movement Studies

    • The Academy for International Movement Studies 2009 Summer Program

      In the mornings, dance technique classes are scheduled at the amphitheater. During the day, regular academic classes are planned such as Introduction to Philosophy and The Greek Language. The evenings are when rehearsals take place, leading up to a performance at the end of the summer program. One day a week will be dedicated to excursions and volunteer work to allow the students to participate and become involved in the culture.

    • Leadership exCHANGE

    • Global Leadership Program

      We offer specially designed courses which are both challenging and interactive. All students take Leadership and Organizational Change. The course explores the dynamic environment modern-day leaders must navigate and the role of transformational leadership. The course will train students to apply the theories and tactics of transformational leadership to successfully achieve a change project in whatever organization, business, or community project he/she is involved in. The course is complemented More...

    • Lapa Tica Travel Agency

    • Lapa Tica Travel Agency

      Short term programs for groups of students of high schools, colleges and universities. Programs may include lodging with Costa Rican families, tours, Spanish program, special visits arrangements, transportation, etc. Faculties travel free if group size is higher than 15 students.

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