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Germany has a reputation for getting cold, but you will be comfortable in short sleeves during Germany's warm summers. Summer is a great time to get out and explore all that the country has to offer in terms of historical and architectural attractions. Germany is littered with castles, abbeys and small villages built in various styles, and they all offer a terrific opportunity for personal adventure and growth.

When you decide to study for the summer in Germany, you can take advantage of the golfing, horseback riding, hiking and cycling that are so popular in this country. A summer in Germany will also afford you the opportunity to attend some of its many festivals and celebrations, sample some authentic German brews, taste some of the sauerbraten or weinerschnitzel or other delicious cuisine or even take in the diverse landscape in a hot air balloon.

If you have a summer to spare studying in another country, make it Germany. This directory will help you locate a program that best fits your interests and needs.

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