Internship in Spain Programs InformationFor some, an internship whether paid or not is likely to be in their home country. But for those who dare to be different and are in search of an unmatched global experience that might enrich their professional and personal experiences an Internship in Spain program will likely exceed their expectations.

Spain is a sovereign state in the southwestern part of Europe. It’s vibrant, old world charm has carefully blended with the modern amenities and technologies of today. Spain is home to over 46 million people, and only about 88% of the population are native Spaniards.[i]

Why apply for an Internship in Spain?

An internship in Spain has the ability to fit most features you may want in a program. Internship length, the possibility of earning a stipend, internships that give you the potential to gain practical experience and countless other features.

Studying or working can be time consuming, but when you’re completing your internship in Spain be sure to remember to take time to experience what Spain has to offer. Learning to balance work and play is something that could likely enhance your personal and professional experiences, during your internship and beyond.

Beginners Are Encouraged to Apply

If you are a student with little to no work experience, don’t be discouraged. There are programs that are open to students or recent graduates that require little or no prior work experience. You also might find that there are internships that are open to students or recent graduates regardless of their major. So if you are looking to gain practical work experience in an industry you think you might be interested in an internship program in Spain might be the perfect choice.

Barcelona: An Architect’s Dream

The city of Barcelona is filled with mid-19th century Modernista architecture.[ii] This style of architecture is characterized as eclectic and a break from the old world with shapes and styles that resemble nature. Builders like Antoni Gaudi have buildings still standing to this day. Those who are seeking an internship program that focuses on interior design, architecture of even landscape architecture might greatly appreciate the unique surroundings one might find in Barcelona.

Hands on Teaching Experience

There are two types of teaching internships one might find in Spain. One being teaching Spanish and another type might be teaching a foreign language (English) to children or adults. For those who are interested in teaching a foreign language abroad, many countries require a TEFL/TESOL certification in order to work in a local school. Be sure to look into internship programs that might help you gain experience and perhaps the opportunity to earn a TEFL certificate upon program completion.

Learn Spanish While Completing Your Credits

If you are looking to become proficient in Spanish but you don’t want to study the language full time, perhaps an immersive internship program in Spain may be the happy medium you’re in search of. You will be able to study your normal course load but in a Spanish speaking environment, as well as work for a potentially multicultural organization. That way you can learn to not only read and write in Spanish but also converse with fluent speakers. Interacting with locals just might allow you to learn things you wouldn’t normally learn in a classroom.

The Global Experience You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Internship programs are designed specifically for students or recent graduates who desire to gain practical knowledge in their desired industry. Hopefully with that experience, a student or recent graduate will feel more confident to pursue a career in that industry either after the experience or once they earn a relevant degree. To potentially secure an internship abroad in Spain would be securing a potential global education that is likely to help you gain confidence, independence and specify your career goals.

Discover the Perfect Internship Program in Spain

Determining which intern abroad in Spain program is right for you is likely to be a difficult decision. Once you potentially secure a spot in an internship program, the possibilities of an unforgettable international experience will be in reach. You owe it to yourself to take a chance on possibly advancing your career through the invaluable work experience you might acquire in an internship abroad in Spain. To search for an internship specific to your work experience and career goals, click on the “select a term and “select a work type” drop down menus. There you will find specific internship programs that fit potential degrees and time frames. Enjoy your search!

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