French Study Through Immersion

If a French study language immersion program interests you, consider one of the Intensive Language Programs in France. French is considered the Romance Language of the Indo-European family and is the official language in 29 countries[i]. If you are thinking about a French language study abroad, why not consider the option to study French in France, the country where it is THE official language!

Why Consider an Abroad Program to Study French in France?

While you are most likely going to spend time in the language lab, Intensive Language Programs in France award you the opportunity to explore a fascinating country. Home of the Mona Lisa, croissants, castles, fashion, Nobel Prize winning authors, and fine French cuisine[ii], think of France as an interactive textbook. Language Immersion programs offer you the chance to perfect your grammar as well as practice what you learn in class in the real-world. This experience may not only be enriching but also confidence boosting. Intensive Language Programs in France are available in popular cities such as Grenoble, Paris, and Dijon and for differing duration.

FUN FACT: If you want to say “I speak French” say ‘Je parle francais’

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