The Luck of the Irish

Most people associate Transylvania with Dracula, but most people are bloody wrong. Bram Stoker, the author of the novel, hailed not from the dim, grim gray landscape of an 'ania, but from the lush green loveliness of Dublin, Ireland. Through study abroad programs in Ireland, many students have discovered there's a lot more to learn about this fascinating country - so why haven't you? What exactly are you waiting for?

Study Abroad in Ireland

After all, just because you rock the latest U2 album on your iPod, or read a bunch of James Joyce, or dated a redhead, doesn't mean you're down with Irish culture. Ireland has a lot more to offer than great music, Nobel Prize-winning authors and...wait for it...the crowning achievement of Irish culture, that's right... River Dance!

Study abroad in Ireland and be welcomed by a warm, hospitable population that will share its lengthy history, vibrant culture and stunning landscape.

Emerald Education

Colleges and universities in Ireland place great responsibility for learning on the student. Don't expect many weekly assignments and exams-you will learn in large lectures and smaller tutorials and labs. As cool as not having those assignments sounds, if you decide to study abroad in Ireland you need to work hard to structure your own reading and research.

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