Study Abroad with Arcadia University
Study Abroad with Arcadia University
Explore Southeast Asia
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What are you doing this Summer?
Arcadia offers you many unique and exciting programs abroad
to give you the summer of your dreams.
Bonn University Sustainable Summer
Study environmental issues facing the world today from an international perspective.

Bonn, Germany
Australia and New Zealand
Southeast Asia
Mallorca, Spain
Analyzing Findings Explore the Past, Find your Future
Opportunities to immerse yourself in the culture of the past and present.

Athens, Greece
Edinburgh, Scotland
Syracuse, Sicily
SHAWCO in Cape Town Social Justice in the World
Study the socio-economic forces affecting the world today.

Valparaiso, Chile
Puebla, Mexico
Rome, Italy
Cape Town, South Africa
Arusha, Tanzania
Southeast Asia
Tour Eiffel by Chelsea Christiansen Intensive Language
Build your language knowledge in class, use your skills in your new home for the Summer!

Paris, France
Lecce, Italy
Perugia, Italy
Sicily, Italy
Granada, Spain
Mallorca, Spain
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