In the article "Husky Finance: Funding your study abroad experience" in The Daily CampusMelanie Deziel outlines the steps to take to help secure funding for a study abroad experience at UConn (her advice goes for all schools though).  The first step is applying because many financing options aren't available until a student is accepted.  She goes on to advise students to check with a financial aid expert to see what funds can and can't be applied.  She follows that up with suggesting scholarships.  Many schools have their own and there are a lot out there ripe for the picking.  An online search should give you your options.  She even gives a shout-out! (thanks Melanie!)  She also lists which is part of the suite of study abroad tools.

Melanie closes with this important is also important to realize that study abroad is NOT impossible. If this adventure is something you truly want, then additional loans may be the right option.